Is IPTV illegal? Everything you need to know about the legal issues of IPTV

Is IPTV legal or illegal? Everything you need to know about the legality of IPTV

android tv iptv feature
android tv iptv feature

(Is IPTV legal or illegal? the answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’; source: iStock)

Television has played a prime role in many peoples lives since home TV sets were in vogue. After the television is popularized, many TV channels are in need of video contents always. That’s why film industry has grown and evolved into the largest industry in the world for video entertainment. And now technology is evolving day by day, it is became even more integrated and

we are able to watch any TV content or film on any device at any time. Each year, an increasing number of consumers are turning away from traditional cable or satellite TV services. Statistics shows that around eight million households cut the cord over the last two years in the U.S. alone. It is predicted that, the number is increasing and will increase more and more in the future. Nowadays, people want more freedom and choices. Each day more and more people are discovering alternative means to their basic cable or satellite programing tv. The world is waking up with different ways to get televised content. In this era we see dominating rise of streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. So, many broadcasting companies wants to remain competitive on the market and that’s why they turned toward IPTV services. IPTV is merely one option among many extra options that offer people a new method of TV viewing. It helps us easily to access the world of video entertainment. People know a lot about Netflix or Hulu, know little about IPTV. It’s totally different from Netflix or Hulu. However, with such a massive change there comes many questions in your mind about legality of IPTV.

Relax! Nothing to worry! we are here to put your mind at ease and address all of your concerns. In this episode we’ll discuss about what is IPTV? Why should you use IPTV? Is IPTV legal or illegal? Why Is the Legality of IPTV is so Important?Why You Should you Avoid Illegal IPTV Services and Things you need to know details.

What is IPTV

(IPTV, the internet protocol tv, new marketing sector of video contents; source: Google)

The Internet Protocol TV or IPTV is the latest example of technology in TV network sector. It is one type of television network where the delivery of television video content are over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. IPTV is defined as the multimedia services such as television, video, audio, text, graphics and data delivered over IP based networks managed to provide the required level of quality of service and experience. It is slightly different from the YouTube and Netflix. On YouTube and Netflix digital video content are accessed by millions of users on sites or apps. But it is quite similar with those platform. IPTV can recieve and display encoded video stream of Internet Protocol package as well as being combined with other applications. It has interactivity between services. In broadcast network broadcast are send out as signals and viewers recieve them. One can only able to watch which are broadcasted that time. IPTV is also different from cable or satellite connection. In IPTV one can use multiple TV channels just using a single subscription. IPTV gives the customers and viewers extra advantage, compatible and reliable network which is being able to pick the program they want to watch and there is no time limit. They feel like watching tv apart from tuning into any Live TV shows whenever and wherever they want.

Why should you use IPTV

There are two ways to get television video content in your home, one is through broadcast networks and another is via Internet networks. There are two types of broadcast networks include Satellite TV and Cable TV. In the case of satellite TV connection, networks comes as radio waves and which  we people collect or pic up with a satellite dish antenna on top of our house. And talking about the Cable network, the entertainment contents are broadcast through a dedicated coaxial cable network.

On the other hand, Internet networks include IPTV and OTT Streaming. IPTV uses a private and very dedicated network to deliver more compatible and reliable service. On the contrary,  OTT streaming is a kind of streamed entertainment content comes over the same type open and unmanaged network as like as our email and web browsing. In both cases, the consumer or the customer requests and receives their entertainment content via Internet Protocol (IP).

Though satellite and cable TV networks are more used from now and then, but they are costly and only available near service providers, and they Don’t store the content. That’s why nowadays internet networks getting fame day by day and people are getting interested in using IPTV and OTT streaming rather than broadcast network. OTT streaming is subject to internet speed and it has buffering and slow connection problem. However that’s why IPTV is going to be best option for people and as well as yours

Is IPTV legal or illegal?

(IPTV is legal, when you use it legally! Source:

Legality of IPTV depends on the services and service providers. IPTV is legal as long as it’s illegal too. Legal IPTV service providers holds the correct licenses for all the content it provides. IPTV provider must need copyright owner’s permission to host streams of copyrighted TV programs, films, or other video contents.

Example of legal IPTV service is Netflix.They hold the correct licenses for the content they provide for streaming. But, there are hundreds and more other IPTV providers who stream TV shows and films illegally and do not have the proper license. These IPTV providers are breaking the law. And if you use their services, you’re breaking the law too.

Is IPTV legal in all over the World?

The answer is, ‘Yes’. But different countries have their own law surrounding for illegal IPTV user and service providers. According to UK’s Digital Economy Act in 2017, Illegal IPTV users and service providers can face prison and sentences of up to 10 years. This remain same for US and Canada also.

Why Legality of IPTV is so Important?

(Legality of IPTV is so important for law ensurement; source: shutterstock)

IPTV is the new video content marketing sector. It’s growing massively all over the world. According to Research and Market’s study, the IPTV market worth around $40 billion US dollars in 2019 and it is expected that, it will be $100 billion by 2025!

So, legality is very important. Legality can be beneficial for both the consumers and the IPTV service providers. Rules and regulations shold be need in this sector, that can ensure an equal playing field on the market. These rules also serve protection and ensure guarantee for consumers that using IPTV services in safe way. Illegal IPTV service providers are breaking the law. And if you use their services, you’re breaking the law too.

How can you define an IPTV Service Is Legal or Illegal?

(Defining a service is legal or illegal is so easy, you have to look after some factors; source:

Legal  IPTV services are well-known and big brands like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu etc. Legal IPTV services are easily identical from their reputations alone.

There are lots of signs to define, such as IPTV service is not free, if the IPTV offers free services, that means it’s an illegal one. Most of the legitimate IPTV services requires subscription to use. There are some illegal IPTV services do charge subscription fees also, but its a trick to show them legal to people, but there fees are significantly lower than fees of legal IPTV services. Illegal IPTV service providers have no license and production costs and that’s why they can afford such less charge for a subscription.

Few indicators to define legal IPTV service providers :

  • They have licence for every show and programmes
  • They linked to their partners and mentioned them in their website
  • They have their own streaming app
  • They use minimal ads

Indicators to define Illegal IPTV service providers :

  • They Don’t mention their partners
  • Most of the time they don’t have their own streaming app
  • Cheap service charge
  • Suggest you to use VPN for best quality streaming

There are other ways to define, those are:

Asking for payment in cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrencies are harder to track, and these make them ideal for illegal services.

International channels: illegal IPTV service have some limitations. They can only provide region-locked contents. Most of the illegal IPTV streaming provide channels within your country. So you can indicate easily.

Low-quality streams: Legal IPTV services provide contents directly from the copyright holder and it’s streaming quality is highest. Illegal IPTV services have to obtain their content through other means, when you use an illegal one, the result is significant drops in video or audio quality.

Popups and misleading buttons: Illegal IPTVs may feature popup adds, fake playback buttons that open external links rather than pausing, playing, or changing the volume. And it’s not legitimate.

Is using Illegal IPTV Services is good for you?

(By using illegal service, you may jailed; source: Google)

Put simply, ‘no’. If you think, by using illegal one you are not breaking the rule, only service provider breaking the rule, then you are wrong. There are many reason to avoid illegal IPTV service :

You may suffer penalties: Illegal service could make you open to prosecution, fines, or even a jail sentence in many country.

You may get scammed: you also expose yourself to a number of other safety issues when you use an illegal IPTV service. Sometimes an IPTV service asks for your credit card details for payment, if they do so and you give them your details then you have no control over who else it passes your financial details to. They may sell off your details to hackers or scammers, putting you at risk of serious financial trouble.

Risks of virus and malwares: Fake playback buttons which are always shows at the time of streaming, a single click on the fake button could also act as links to external sites that may try to install malware on your device. However, illegal IPTV services can threaten the security of your devices.

Poor user experience: when you use an illegal service, your experience will be far from smooth. For many issues their service is so poor. Illegal services are unreliable.

Examples of Unverified and Illegal IPTVs

It’s really very difficult to track which one is legal or which one is illegal. However we make a short list for you:

  • Kemo IPTV
  • IconicStreams
  • 247 Stream
  • BingeTV
  • FlicksTV
  • YeahIPTV
  • Kodi

Recommended Legal IPTV Services

List of the best and legal IPTV streaming services include:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon prime video
  • Disney+
  • HBO Max
  • Apple TV+

What is the Best Way to Use IPTV?

(VPN is the best and safest way for watching video stream; source: Google)

For better use, you need a reliable, compatible and best quality streaming of video content. There are hundreds and more ways to use IPTV services out there, and not all of them are reliable. Never use a cheap one. Many of the sites make promises but these promises are illegal and unlicensed. Using them opens you to security issues. For some peace in your mind and extra safety, you should consider using a VPN if you go this route. It’s the best option because it has no trouble, your device will not be hacked or get malware. Another one is use legitimate Vedio On Demand (VOD) service, though It’s expensive more.

I think, after reading all of these you get a clear cut idea about IPTV and why it’s legality is so important..

Disclaimer :- We does not verified the legality or security of any apps or services mentioned on this blog. All the information are taken from internet. Also, we do not promote, host or link to copyright-protected streams. We highly discourage piracy and strictly advise our readers to avoid it at all costs. Any mention of free streaming on our site is purely meant for copyright-free content that is available in the Public domain.