World Diabetes Day 2022: 5 Yoga Asanas to reduce high blood sugar and keep insulin levels in check

Yoga asana for diabetes: World Diabetes Day is observed on November 14 and it global awareness campaign focusing on diabetes mellitus. According to the United Nations, globally, an estimated 422 million adults were living with diabetes in 2014, compared to 108 million in 1980. The UN also says that the global prevalence of diabetes has nearly doubled since 1980, rising from 4.7% to 8.5% in the adult population. The right kind of diet and exercises are very essential in controlling diabetes. Yoga Asanas are known to work wonders. So here are 5 Yoga Asanas that you can practice to reduce your blood sugar levels and keep your insulin level normal. 

1) Balasana (Child pose)

This pose is said to help in relaxation which in turn increases the production of insulin-producing beta cells.

How to do:

Fold your legs (kneeling position) and sit straight. Slowly, bend your torso forward on the floor. Stretch your arms and touch the ground with your forehead. Hold this position for 15-20 seconds and then get back to the seating pose. Repeat 4-5 sets daily.

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2) Tadasana 

This strengthens the lower body and improves posture and balance and is also good for diabetes mellitus. 

How to do:

Keeping your legs at the same distance as your shoulders, stand absolutely straight. Slowly, lift your hands toward the ceiling. Join your palms and open them. Facing the ceiling, stretch up, as far as possible. Look upwards. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds and repeat 3-5 times.


3) Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

As it helps in regulating the pancreas, this is an ideal asana for diabetics.

How to do:

Lie on your stomach. Your feet should be slightly apart and your hands by your side. Hold your ankles by folding your knees. Breathe in, and lift your chest slowly off the ground. Feel the stretch on your arms and thighs. Hold the position for around 15 seconds. Then breathe out and slowly bring your chest and leg down to the ground, releasing your ankles. Rest with your arms by the side. Repeat sets 3-4 times. 

Dhanur asana

4) Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

This asana, while strengthening your muscles, helps in reducing your blood sugar levels.

How to do:

Lie on your abdomen and keep your legs straight. Go on to keep your forearms perpendicular to the floor and place your arm on the floor beside the last ribcage, on both sides. Then press your arms to lift your body. Look straight and hold the position for 15-20 seconds while breathing normally. 

Bhujanga asana

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5) Paschimottanasana (Seated-forward Bend)

This is beneficial not for only diabetics but it helps lower blood pressure too.

How to do:

Sit straight on the floor and extend your legs out in front of you. Inhale and pull both your hands above your head and stretch up. Then slowly, exhale while bending forward with your arms stretched out. Try to hold the toes with both hands. If you can’t, hold the part of your leg where you can reach. Touch your knee joint with your forehead and close your eyes. Take a few breaths and then as you raise your head, inhale. Exhale and lower your arms.

Yoga diabetes

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(Disclaimer: The article is based on general information and is not a substitute for a medical expert’s advice. Zee News does not confirm this. Always consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise regime.)

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