Will Bitcoin touch $100K in 2021? Even $175K in 2022?

According to the cryptocurrency research team of Standard Chartered, the exchange rate of Bitcoin will double to a hundred thousand dollars by the beginning of next year. And in the long run, it can go up to 175 thousand dollars.
On the other hand, judging by the volume of transactions, the potential price of Etherium, the second-largest cryptocurrency, could rise from 26,000 to 35,000. However, if Ethereum goes to that stage, the price of Bitcoin will rise to around 175 thousand dollars.

Geoffrey Kendrick heads Standard Chartered’s new cryptocurrency research division, according to a Reuters report. He is also the global head of the bank’s emerging currency research. In a message sent to customers, Jeffrey wrote, “Bitcoin could be the world’s most important cashless transaction method in the future as a medium of exchange. At the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022, the price may go up to one lakh dollars.
The price of Bitcoin was around 46,100 on Wednesday evening. And the highest price in last 4 months was 52 thousand dollars on Monday.

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