What Is IPTV and How It Works? Everything You Need to Know About the Future of TV Experience!

We all heard about a thing or often do the thing in our daily life, that is recreation. The term recreation have been used in English first in the late 14th century. The etymology of the word recreation is, ‘re’ means again and creation comes from ‘creare’, which means to create, bring forth or beget. People used the word first in the sense of “refreshment or curing of a sick person”. Scientists says that recreation increased our life expectancy, improve heart Health, prevent bone disease and reduce chronic diseases. However,  recreation has a great importance in our life. Recreation is an important element of human biology and psychology. Some ancient form of recreation is fishing, cooking, playing, dress making etc. However, in this episode we’ll talk a little bit about television, how to get connection in your television, their types and which one is better for you. Also we’ll discuss brief about IPTV, how IPTV system work and future of TV experience.

Initial discussion about Television

When the Television or TV is discovered and arived in our door to door, the definition of recreation is changed forever. Television or TV is a electronic delivery system of moving images and sound from a source to a receiver. Television has had a considerable influence on our society, by extending the senses of vision and hearing beyond the limits of physical distance. After the arriving of television the way of recreation is change for forever. Recreation is good for health but watching too much television is not good for our health. Scientific studies have shown that there is a correlation between watching television and obesity, sleep difficulties, behavior problems, lower grades, and other health issues. However, television is an easy and more cheap sources of entertainment in 21st century. By watching international news on television, we are kept informed and update in our day to day life. Some motivational or educational shows in television can motivate people who are interested in a particular field and help them to pursue their dreams. So television has more advantages than disadvantages. We everyone wants to make our mind energized and refreshed through recreation and nowadays the television or TV is the best medium for entertainment.

Miscellaneous of Television Network

(Best entertainment platform TV; source: Google)

Buying a Television is not the final step of your recreation source, you have to take conection in your TV set. There are two ways to get television video content in your home, one is through broadcast networks and another is via Internet networks. There are two types of broadcast networks include Satellite TV and Cable TV. In the case of satellite TV connection,  networks comes as radio waves and which  we people collect or pic up with a satellite dish antenna on top of our house. And talking about the Cable network, the entertainment contents are broadcast through a dedicated coaxial cable network.

On the other hand, Internet networks include IPTV and OTT Streaming. IPTV uses a private and very dedicated network to deliver more compatible and reliable service. On the contrary,  OTT streaming is a kind of streamed entertainment content comes over the same type open and unmanaged network as like as our email and web browsing. In both cases, the consumer or the customer requests and receives their entertainment content via Internet Protocol (IP). Best example of IPTV is television from providers like  the Prism TV,  and best example of OTT streaming is television from third party like Netflix and YouTube etc.

Though satellite and cable TV networks are more used from now and then, but those have some bad side also, because they are costly and only available near service providers, and they Don’t store the content. That’s why nowadays internet networks getting fame day by day and people are getting interested in using IPTV and OTT streaming rather than broadcast network. OTT streaming is subject to internet speed and it has buffering and slow connection problem. However IPTV is going to be best option for people and as well as yours.

What is IPTV?

android tv
android tv

The Internet Protocol TV or IPTV is the latest example of technology in TV network sector. It is one type of television network where the delivery of television video content are over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. IPTV is defined as the multimedia services such as television, video, audio, text, graphics and data delivered over IP based networks managed to provide the required level of quality of service and experience. It is slightly different from the YouTube and Netflix. On YouTube and Netflix digital video content are accessed by millions of users on sites or apps. But it is quite similar with those platform. IPTV can recieve and display encoded video stream of Internet Protocol package as well as being combined with other applications. It has interactivity between services. In broadcast network broadcast are send out as signals and viewers recieve them. One can only able to watch which are broadcasted that time. IPTV is also different from cable or satellite connection. In IPTV one can use multiple TV channels just using a single subscription. IPTV gives the customers and viewers extra advantage, compatible and reliable network which is being able to pick the program they want to watch and there is no time limit. They feel like watching tv apart from tuning into any Live TV shows whenever and wherever they want.

How does the IPTV work?

android tv iptv feature
android tv iptv feature

(IPTV transport content via fibre optic based internet protocol; source: nai-group.com)

IPTV is far similar like browsing the web than traditional channel surfing. It merely usage internet protocol, which is a transport protocol and it is a delivery mechanism to deliver contents to viewers. IPTV is usually structured as subscription based digital TV service which is out there available to the purchasers from ISPs. By using IPTV subscriptions consumers can enjoy many things like OTT content such as Netflix. IPTV uses most Internet Protocol (IP) as a transportation of the delivery mechanism to deliver videos to their customers. When a viewer clicks on any TV program or channel and requests for the video content, IPTV protocol collects videos from different sources such as servers which is divided into data packets and sent over using the internet. In that case video servers transmit programs through optical fibre cable to the existing household via internet connection. Overall, the goal of Internet Protocol TV is to permit you to consume TV content over the Internet or web without seeing any of your enemy just like the like the dreaded buffering icon. IPTV uses packet switching process to encode the  video into small chunks of data and information and send them piecemeal to designated IP address of your computer or set-top box when you request content. The main difference between IPTV and other kinds of video content delivered via the Internet is that IPTV contains paid subscription service only direct from the telecom company as the maximum amount like cable or satellite.

Different IPTV formats


There are various IPTV format available. A few of those are:-

1) Vedio On Demand (VOD)

It is the way of individual delivery of video contents to subscribers. It allows user to watch any video contents from the servers media library. When anyone requests the servers to watch any video server delivers contents to him/her through internet connection and he/she can watch it. Netflix, Amazon prime videos are example of VOD.

2) Time Shifted Media

Time Shifted Media let the customers view the live broadcast as well as, so they can playback and resume their convenience. One of the most popular example of time shifted media is BBC iPlayer.

3) Live Television

Like broadcast TV you can watch TV shows on IPTV. It’s easy to stream on your phone. Popular sports programme are broadcasted on live tv programme. Example of live television is Fox sports Go.

Advantages of IPTV

(IPTV is affordable for everyone ; source: zooninfotech.com)

The Internet Protocol based TV offers significant advantages. It delivers purchaser significant, compatible and reliable contents. It’s buffering free video watching  advantage and storing contents for later watch gives customers a best quality subscriptions.

Economical advantage

Every year the cable industry’s expenditures of about $1 billion US dollars for their network updates and accommodate higher data speeds. Adoption of IPTV could save the industry’s approximately 75% of capital expenditure.

Interactivity advantage

IPTV network gives a customer dynamic opportunities. It has best TV viewing experience, it is  more interactive and personalised.

Convergence opportunity

IPTV gives convergence and integration opportunity. It implies interaction between existing services in with a  seamless manner and create new value.

Limitations of IPTV

(IPTV have also some limitations ; source: Google)

Every things in this world have bad side. And every good things have too. As well as IPTV has also some limitations. It is very sensitive to packet loss and delays.

Limited connection speed and limitrd bandwidth can reduce the service quality. Only a few country in this world have high-speed broadband connections. For example  South Korea have minimum 100 Mbit/s connection speed.

Though IPTV is very beneficial but  there is no guarantee that you can watch all IPTV channels without any issues.

If there’s having heavy rain in service providers location, customer might be not able to watch the channel. Audio video of the IPTV subscriptions are not well synchronised.

However, despite many disadvantages, do bear one thing in your mind that IPTV providing you access over 500+ channels at an affordable price. It is suitable for those persons who cannot afford heavy subscriptions to the little DTH service and you can also watch foreign channels.

Is IPTV Legal or Illegal?

(IPTV ligal or illigal? Source: Google)

After knowing all the information about IPTV may be one question arise your mind that, ‘IPTV is so cheap, is it legal?’

Well, the clear-cut answer is,  It’s legal. It’s legal in worldwide. Because service providers purchase appropriate licences to stream the video contents.

The Future of Television

(Future of TV going to be more impressive; source: zooninfotech.com)

The future of TV experience is going to be more impressive for the viewers. Technology is changing day by day. A few decades ago families enjoy their spare time by watching TV altogether. Now TV is available on our smartphones. TV industry has evolutionary change by the blessings of technology. According to author Blake Morgan the future of tv will have, more and more video streaming, on demand and interactive content quality, personalised packages, Original content with limited restrictions. It will be more relevant, reliable, delegant and compatible.