What is DNS or Domain Name System?

Visiting various websites is our daily routine. But have we ever wondered that, writing the address and after pressing enter how the website comes to the fore?

Almost everyone who uses the Internet is familiar with the name IP address. This IP or Internet Protocol address is the actual address of the website. For example, is an IP address. This is Google’s IP address. If you enter this IP address in the browser instead of www.google.com, it will take you to Google’s website. But notice, is it possible to remember the IP address easily? No, it’s not reading friendly. The advent of domain names is to make the address of the website reading friendly.

You can easily remember Google.com, which is not the case with IP addresses. The domain name is basically a camouflage of the IP address. It shows you a simple text, but the domain name is converted to an IP address by the system.

Now the question is, how does a domain name convert to an IP address? How does a computer know the IP address of a domain? It’s a big problem, you want to get into Google.com, but the computer took you to Facebook. Then it will be like swimming in the deep sea. The solution to this problem is a DNS or domain name system.

The DNS or domain name system can be called the phonebook of the Internet. DNS contains a database of domain names and IP addresses of all websites in the Internet. As a result, DNS can easily tell the computer which domain has which IP.

When you try to visit a website, your computer will first contact the domain name system and request to convert it to an IP with the domain name you provided. The domain name system will then convert the domain to an IP and connect your computer to the website’s server. That’s the job of a domain name system. As simple as it sounds, it is the most important responsibility of the modern internet.

Now, the question that may come to your mind is, who owns the domain name system? The answer is the owner of the server. You can create your own domain name server. As I have my own DNS for my home network.

Many high speed and good quality domain name systems have free access to the Internet. One of which is Google’s free DNS (whose IP is This DNS is the most popular in our country. If you search the internet, you will find many more DNS. You can navigate the internet by setting up any one.

Another question that may be on your mind is, how do I set it up? Good question. You will not be able to access any domain unless you set it up. In most cases, your ISP will set it up. And if you want to do it yourself, go to your computer’s network settings. You will get the DNS settings there.

I have tried to explain what DNS is. However, if you have trouble understanding or have any questions, feel free to let us know in the comments section. Thanks.

Featured Image: myfreax