WATCH: Woman without nose bone amuses internet

A screengrab shows blogger Romana Bruintjes from the Netherlands, who was born without a nose.— Instagram

A woman has shocked many social media users with a video of her showing the flexibility of her nose.

Romana Bruintjes from the Netherlands, who was apparently born without a nose bone shared a clip of her pressing her nose to the fullest to demonstrate the absence of the cartilage. 

Bruintjes, who has over 8,600 followers on Instagram, can be seen turning to her side and pushing her nose with her index finger. To the viewers’ shock, the nose becomes entirely flattened. 

The young woman describes herself as a makeup artist and singer. She captioned her reel: “Do you have a bone in your nose?”

The internet was left surprised at the video. Some users dropped funny comments under the Dutch blogger’s video while others simply expressed their shock.

“It doesn’t matter if you ever run into a glass door,” a user pointed out.

“I feel like this is the way all humans should be, it’s weird to have hard noses like most people,” another said.

A user even shared that they did not have nose cartilage either. 

“I don’t have any cartilage either! This is my party trick,” they said.

Bruintjes has over 65,000 followers on TikTok where she posts funny videos and makeup tutorials. On the short-video sharing app, the influencer garnered one million likes on her video.

Her case could be an instance of a low nasal bridge. Some users even said it was “practice”. However, the blogger did not clarify whether she had a medical condition.

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