The special Zelda Switch OLED is discounted for today only

Fans of The Legend of Zelda absolutely need to check out this incredible Switch OLED deal which is soon to expire.

EE has a tasty 5% discount on a Nintendo Switch OLED Tears of the Kingdom Edition (the Zelda game itself is unfortunately not included).

Buy it through the EE store website before midnight tonight, and you will be able to save 5% by using the code 5GAMEDAYEE at the point of purchase, pushing the cost down to just £293.55 from the original price of £309.

Zelda Edition Nintendo Switch OLED for under £300

Thanks to EE’s 5% off deal, you can buy a special edition Tears of the Kingdom Switch OLED for just £293.55, down from its previous price of £309.

  • EE
  • Use code 5GAMEDAYEE
  • Now £293.55

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The Switch itself should need no introduction, but the Switch OLED is a fantastic upgrade for existing fans. It boasts a 7-inch OLED screen, focusing on improved brightness, contrast and colour accuracy, as well as a new larger and sturdier stand that supports multiple angles.

Trusted Reviews’ very-own Ryan Jones gave the Switch OLED a solid four-star rating – while there were no notable upgrades on the standard Switch for performance or docked mode, you can really tell the difference in its screen upgrade and improved speakers, not to mention its increased storage capacity. We didn’t feel the increase in screen size made it difficult to carry around either, and the screen resolution of 720p didn’t feel like it was too low. In fact, it would have been more problematic if a boost in pixels meant a shorter battery life or larger design.

We said that ultimately it’s worth the upgrade if you can get a good trade-in deal for your current Switch, and there’s the offer to trade in your old console through EE, so this deal that may interest gen one Nintendo Switch users as well as complete newbies to the Switch.

For one of the best Switch OLED variants out there, this deal is just too good to pass up, but make sure you use the code 5GAMEDAYEE at the checkout in order to receive the full discount.

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