Terrible Passwords that People are Still Using

123456789 is a password that people still use to date and one of the worst mistakes you can make. Passwords should be sacred and not easily accessible to anyone.

Strong Password

In this technologically advanced society, it is very essential to take those constant warnings that tell you your password is not strong enough.

The latest security reports still indicate that people still use the easy same-old password combinations that we know of.

Cybersecurity specialists from CyberNews did research on over 56 million passwords. These were leaked, breached, or made their way to the broader internet this year to find out any patterns.

As the analysis turned out, many people still use the password “123456” because it came out a number of times. The other common ones are “Admin”, “guest” and “root”.

Swear Words and Celebrity Names as Passwords

The study taken shows that people love using various names as their credentials. Some of the popular ones include personal names, football teams, names of months and days, as well as celebrity names.

Additionally, many users use swear words as their credentials, with over 300,000 instances noted.

Pre-set Passwords

Some weak passwords come from products that come with pre-set passwords. The developer always expects the user to replace them with their own, but many people still fail to do it.

It is very crucial for clients not to depend on developers to protect their credentials and personal data by adopting new internet safety habits. This has to start with strong password generation and cybersecurity awareness.

One service getting leaked could cause tremendous damage because many people use one password for many areas.

New and Better Solutions

To get rid of instances where your password is used to gain your data, many companies like Apple have come up with solutions. They have introduced products such as Apple Passkeys.

Additionally, you can protect your passwords with trusted password managers.

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