Suniel Shetty’s fitness mantra: How to stay FIT and FABULOUS!

Suniel Shetty, actor and entrepreneur, has been making waves in recent times with his fitness. He recently took to LinkedIn – a platform he joined in August this year – to share his fitness mantra. “People are usually looking for a secret sauce or a magical fix. Unfortunately, there are none,” said Shetty on the business and employment site. He mentioned that fitness, however, “is actually a lot simpler than it’s made out to be. With an overload of information, we tend to complicate things. The great thing is, the HOW part becomes a lot simpler once you figure out the WHY part.” 

The true meaning of fitness

Suniel Shetty says that fitness to him means being able to carry out all his responsibilities through the day without any physical or mental strain. “A simple life without any major ailments, a healthy heart, no gut issues, not suffering from any lifestyle disorders like chronic backache, acidity, struggling with my knees, because of my age and all that – this is what fitness for me entails.” The actor says that coming home after a hard day’s work, feeling happy and not exhausted, means spending quality time with family and friends. “Fitness is being able to do what I want to do after a hard day’s work. It’s no longer about six-pack abs, flat stomachs, or keeping weight in control. It’s being about in a great space – both physically and mentally.”

Shetty says that fitness helped him immensely professionally – not just as an actor but as an entrepreneur. “Being healthy and having a structured life has helped me maximise the opportunities I got, ” the actor shared.

Pandemic changed how we looked at fitness

The pandemic, Shetty says, has changed the world as we knew it. “In today’s day and time, fitness is non-negotiable. It’s no more “nice” to be fit. It’s about the need to be fed. Covid has taught us that it is all about health and well-being.” The actor says that people must do what they believe they need to do – walk, run, jog, cycle… anything to stay active. Even at work, people should not keep sitting at a desk for long hours. She should get up, walk and stretch. 

The bottom line is, says Shetty, when you are fit you proceed differently. “Without saying anything, you are showcasing to people you have what it takes to be committed and disciplined. It teaches you be accountable to nobody else but yourself.”

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Suniel Shetty’s video and post have been liked more than 17,500 times and attracted over thousand comments. Many people have shared their own fitness stories while praising Shetty for being an inspiration. 

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