The suffocating story behind movie piracy!

In today’s world, an average of 350 million movies are being downloaded illegally from the Internet every day! But have we ever wondered how a movie could be available online? Many people are wondering what is the need to know this? As soon as I do a Google search or post in a group, a direct link, or a link to a torrent or .rar file appears, and I could immediately start downloading.

Well, to write details about pirated movie releases, I have to write a book of 1000 pages. I’m writing very briefly if you don’t know.

In the online world, everything that is pirated [movies, songs, games, software, ebooks, cracks, etc.] is done by Warez. The word “Warez” comes from software. Warez refers to those who encode the original product and leave it online with a thumbs up to copyright law. Warez is an organized piracy group.

There are about a hundred Warez groups in the world; These are underground groups. They organize through Darknet. All the hackers and programmers who are impossibly talented and best in their department work in these warez groups because all the intelligence agencies are always active to catch this warez network.

Warez groups don’t release movies online for me. They do this for each group. And there are several steps, processes, and some very planned work for this release. The whole thing is so smart that you have to be surprised to know. A hierarchy was given in this article.

There are also detailed articles on Wikipedia. You can read from there if you are interested.

What are the benefits of Pirating?

You may ask, what is the benefit of pirating the movie and leaving it for free? Profit is traffic. Warez sites have the most traffic in the world after news portals. The number of traffic is alarming. Their benefit is this traffic. Because by showing it, they get millions of dollars worth of ads on their site.

Some Warez groups are famous for releasing ‘Zero Day’ movies. I mean, the day a movie is released, that’s exactly the day that movie goes to their group. Sometimes even before the release. (For example, the American Pie movie or the release of the original print two months before the Warez Group release. Think, two months!)

The method of piracy

The bold method of piracy is to first encode a movie and upload it to Warez’s own server. It is then auto-decoded and disseminated within the group via the P2P (Peer to Peer) file-sharing network. Then it is downloaded, copied, metadata is changed and uploaded again, then downloaded and copied again to another site. This is done too many times so that no one can trace the original movie file. The whole thing is done impossibly fast. That’s how they end up on file-sharing websites and torrent sites like MegaUpload. We get off there. So, we are the end-users of Warez.

Warez group also has its own Codecs available for free, and most of the time, their codecs are much more effective and famous (such as Xvid and x264 codecs) than commercial codecs made by software companies. Rumor has it, the wonder of the codec world, the famous Matroska, (video format mkv) container codec was first released from a Russian Warez group!

No one can be a member of any Warez group if they want to. This requires a professional encoder and many background checks due to security issues. When downloading a movie, make sure that the name of the movie is accompanied by the name of the codec, the year of release, the print quality, and the coder’s name. It is mandatory. If a warez does not provide these info, its encoding is disqualified. [Ex: 47-Ronin-2013-WEBRip-x264-AC3-FooKaS. Here is the name of the movie: 47 Ronin, Release Year 2013, Print Quality WEBRip, Codec Name x264 AC3, and Coder Name FooKaS]

A Warez group releases one movie at a time in different print formats. These are the things we see when we download a movie, Camrip, Web rip. I wrote about the print release in this post; jdfgkdkkld.