In the future, Samsung may not include charger with their phone

From next year, South Korean electronics giant Samsung may no longer offer box chargers with new phones.

Samsung is canceling the charger because most of the houses have Samsung chargers; South Korean news reporter Itnews reported.

Excluding the charger, Samsung will reduce the production cost of smartphones. This will make it possible to give the phone to the customer at a more affordable price.

And if you do not have a charger with the phone, the size of the box will be reduced. In this way, the company will be able to save money in the export sector.

There are many more besides Samsung in the team that dropped the charger. US tech giant Apple is also looking to eliminate chargers from phone packets in the future.

According to IANS, multiple reports have surfaced that Apple plans to cancel the charger. According to the plan, Apple will not provide power adapters and earpods with the iPhone in the future; only a charging cable will be in the iPhone’s box.