Right diet to correct clothing – 5 tips to deal with changing weather

The winter season is knocking on our door and we have the usual unpredictable weather again on our doorstep. Changing climate is indeed a cause of concern these days and it is causing flu, fever, and cold in people. So, how to cope with this changing weather and plan our diet and routine in accordance? Let’s have a look at some of the tips listed below that will help us in dealing with this weather.

Eat right

Include in your diet whole grains, fruits, fresh vegetables, and dry fruits that can keep you energized throughout the day. Choose lean meat, fish, eggs, and pulses for a protein boost to keep you strong. Avoid junk food and processed meals as they can invite health problems and allergies. Choose the right foods and plan a healthy, balanced meal.

Exercise regularly

Having an active lifestyle and getting a little fresh air are essential to good health. Not only does a daily workout help to eliminate winter doldrums, but it can also keep you in great shape. Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. When it’s just too cold to go out, try an exercise video, do a little yoga or lift weights indoors to keep your body in motion.

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Mind your wardrobe

Most people run the risk of falling ill during periods of seasonal transition. That’s because as outside influences such as weather conditions change suddenly, the body’s regulation mechanisms can be caught unaware, triggering changes in temperature that affect the immune system as it tries to keep up. To alleviate this toll on your body, dress in layers during seasonal transitions; add and subtract as needed by your body.

Stay Hydrated

The utmost essential thing for every season is staying hydrated, be it summer, winter, or monsoon. You may not realize the need to have water when the climate is cold, but it still is very important. Drink plenty of water; it can help you get rid of toxins and help you stay healthy. You can choose fresh fruit juices, coconut water, or warm drinks like green tea, soups and curries.

Sleep and rest

You must have noticed we often get ‘foggy’ when we don’t get enough sleep. One of the most neglected and taken-for-granted things is- sleep. It should not matter what the coming season is, we should all be getting seven to eight hours of sleep every day.  Sleep plays an important role in repairing the muscles we use throughout the day. Sleep also plays an important part in building our immunity. Hence, it becomes really crucial for us to get the bare minimum sleep to ensure productivity as well as recharge our bodies.


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