Netflix and Bye: Remote Logout Enabled

Netflix has come up with a slight but significant feature. You can now remotely sign someone out of your account with a simple click.

Managing Access and Devices

The account-access control was launched on November 15th and is found under your normal account settings. Here, you get to view all the devices connected and that stream using your information.

Netflix has launched this service because of instances such as travelling and login into a hotel device or even a friend’s device and forgetting about it.

Account Sharing

Additionally, it is a technique by Netflix to clamp down on credential sharing, which has been the norm. This applies to ex-lovers, friends, and family members that you no longer speak to but still have access to your account.

Netflix’s New Plan

Netflix is on a mission to start a new plan that curbs password sharing. The company wants to introduce a $2.99 surcharge for adding an extra account for people outside your household.

Netflix’s Changing Fortunes

This year has seen the company through a rollercoaster of events. It all started with the number of subscribers falling tremendously, as well as the cancellation of various shows. This was all meant to cut costs.

This lacklustre year made the company introduce an ad-supported tier.


This new feature by Netflix not only allows you to terminate a device that logged in but also its location. It will show the location the login happened and if it’s being illicitly used.

It’s a fast and simple step. If you don’t want the device using your account, you just click “Sign Out”. The person using your credentials is kicked out and will not use it without the proper login credentials.

This new move will spell doom for many people who have been freeloaders for a long time. Expect a few calls from long-lost ‘friends’ the moment you hit that sign-out button!

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