Liver disease signs: Don’t avoid THESE 5 alarming indicators!

Signs of liver disease: Liver diseases can be really dangerous as in the beginning, they do not show symptoms. Liver is an important organ as it is responsible for the management of several important functions in the body. Be it producing bile is needed for digestion or removing waste products to aid in detoxification, a healthy liver is a must for proper functioning of the body. When it is clogged with harmful stuff like excessive fat, alcohol, high calories, the functioning gets disrupted. Thus, it is important to keep a check on every sign that indicates towards liver problems.

Here are the signs that indicates towards the improper functioning of liver:

1. Pale stools: Stools are generally dark coloured because of the bile salts released by a healthy liver. A liver with disrupted functioning will not be able to digest the fats and thus, the stool is float and pale in colour.

2. Nausea:  Liver cannot filter out the toxins and the buildup in bloodstream leads results in nauseousness.

3. Gastrocolic reflex: If you feel like pooping right after a meal, it means your liver is in trouble. This happens because it fails to absorb and utilise what you eat.

4. Yellow skin and eyes: Due to inability of liver to process the buildup of bilirubin effectively, your eyes and skin starts turning itchy.

6. Dark urine: This also happens due to excessive buildup of bilirubin.

7. Swollen abdomen: Also known as Ascites, in this condition, there is retention of fluids in the abdomen.

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