How to Beautify Yourself with Some Lip Makeup!

You are going out for that romantic night with your husband, excited and giddy because it’s been the first time in several years since you have been out. The kids, house, and work seem to have overtaken your life. You put on red lipstick and when you get to the restaurant, you are embarrassed to find out that you have lipstick on your teeth! How can you avoid this disaster? By getting lip makeup tips!

Lips make up much of the sensual appeal of a woman. When a woman has her lips puckered up and has the wrong color lipstick on, it can make her look washed-out or even appear clownish. The last thing anyone wants is to be embarrassed by their date, or worse, ridiculed later because of her. The woman should always know how to properly take care of her lips.

When applying lipstick, you should always use lip liner. Then you will fill in your lips with a base so that your lipstick goes on evenly. Face powder will do for this purpose. Fill in the lipstick using a lip brush. Do not overdo it, especially when using red lips makeup because red tends to stand out. After you have done this, take a clean tissue and place it between your lips and press down to remove excess lipstick, and act as a seal so that it stays on your lips. Then it’s time to add lip gloss makeup to give the added shine. Do not overdo it with the lip gloss. You don’t want it to look like you have just been piling up the Vaseline!

Another option for many people, especially those with unwanted moles or scars on their lips, is getting permanent lip makeup. Because this is expensive, usually customers request this as a last resort. To them, the convenience of not having to apply their lipstick every day is worth the trouble and expense. The best part of permanent makeup is that it never washes off!

When applying lip makeup, do not forget to make sure your chosen color looks good on you. Make sure you apply it correctly and be wary of red lipstick, as this color needs to be an exact match to make you look your best. Getting the wrong color or applying it incorrectly can mean the difference between a fun date or an embarrassing evening.

Featured Image by Shiny Diamond from Pexels