STB Emulator

This tutorial will guide you through the simple setup instruction for STB Emulator.
‘STB Emulator’ can emulate the following IPTV set-top boxes:

  • MAG 200.
  • MAG 245.
  • MAG 250.
  • MAG 260.
  • MAG 270.
  • MAG 275.
  •  Aura HD.

STB Emulator Setup Instructions:

  • Download ‘STB Emulator’ from the Google Play Store here.
  • Install and Load the ‘STB Emulator’ app and you will see your ‘MAC address’ on screen.
  • Tap near the ‘Top right corner’ and then click ‘Settings’ – the 4th icon from the right.
  • Tap ‘Profiles’.
  • Tap ‘Test portal’ to modify the existing profile or ‘Add profile’ to start a new one.
  • Tap ‘STB Model’.
  • Tap ‘MAG 250’ or whichever STB you wish to emulate.
  • Tap ‘Portal settings’.
  • Enter your ‘Portal URL’ (Check your activation e-mail) and click OK.
  • Now tap ‘Screen Resolution’.
  • Choose ‘1280×720’ (You can choose higher with internet speed 16+ Mbps).
  • Exit the app and restart.
  • You will now see your channel list.

Troubleshooting STB Emulator:
If you have any problems viewing the Channels please follow this.

  • Restart your App, Device/Box, and Wi-Fi Router.