How to Use Boat with Chest in Minecraft? Complete Guide!

Do you know about the latest add-on of Minecraft Wild Update? If not then don’t worry because we will introduce a boat with a chest newly added in the 1.19 version (wild update) of the Minecraft Java version/integrated version. Boats with chests are useful boats for carrying items and materials needed for adventures. It will be a very useful tool in Minecraft’s daily life, so please refer to it.

Warden and Frog are not the only unique and new feature of the 1.19 update. There is much more to explore, and we will help you to do that. You can check out our special section of Minecraft and get the latest information. Not just update but also guides, tutorials, and many more things.

What is a boat with a chest in Minecraft?

Boats with chests are a new type of boat available in the new update: The Wild Update. Originally, Minecraft boats were prepared to allow people, animals, villagers, etc. to ride, but this time there is a chest on the back half of the boat.

Thanks to chests on boats, you can carry many items and travel across the sea. On the downside, a normal boat can carry up to 2 people or animals, but the chest occupies the back half, so only 1 person can ride in the boat.

If you want to use a boat with a chest for more than 2 people, you need to prepare a boat with a chest for that number of people.

You can Make Boats with All kinds of Chests!

It is possible to create boats with different types of chests.

  • oak boat with chest
  • spruce boat with chest
  • Birch boat with chest
  • Jungle boat with chest
  • Acacia boat with chest
  • Mangrove boat with chest

Explore and explore new lands in your favorite chested boat.

How to use a Boat with a Chest in Minecraft?

By using a boat with a chest, such as when crossing the sea to develop new lands, you will be able to safely carry many items. Even if you are slain by a drowning trident at sea. But, still, you can avoid all item loss by putting items in the chest. When you open your inventory, you’ll find a new item for a boat with a chest, so you can store items there.

How to Craft and Use Boat with Chest in Minecraft

That’s all for The Wild Update’s boat with chest and how to use it! The contents are summarized as follows. A boat with a Chest in Minecraft is placed in the back half of the boat. You can’t carry two people, but you can put items in the chest, so you can carry a lot of items.


You can make boats with different types of chests. If you put items in the chest, you can avoid all losses. A boat with a chest that is indispensable for adventures across the sea and rivers and procurement of materials. This is all you need to know about the latest update and feature of Minecraft 1.19. Let’s put a lot of items and adventures in a new version of Minecraft.