How Facebook tracks our visited website?

For one thing, I’ve been seeing a lot of people questioning ad targeting on Facebook for quite some time. I mean, you came across to see a laptop on Amazon, went into Facebook and saw an ad for the same product. The thing is scary! So, is Facebook knowing what you are doing on other websites?

The fact of the matter is, Facebook gets its data from advertisers. Advertiser installs Facebook’s tracking system on their site, called Facebook Pixel. Now, if you visit that website, the tracker will remember the web page or product you visited. Since the system belongs to Facebook, Facebook can easily identify you. Because, you are logged in to Facebook.

Advertiser Already has advertised the product on Facebook and asked to follow the re-targeting data. But Facebook knows you well, you are interested in the product and also went to the product page. So, Facebook will show you the ad to remind you of that product. The thing is, I won’t let it be empty but don’t buy it.

Google also follows the same system. There is no mention of data theft. If you have so many questions about your data, browse in private mode.

Say, You have come to my house. I can entertain you, or I can take off your clothes. Moreover, I have written on the gate of my house that if I enter my house, I will take off your clothes (cookie policy). Now it is up to you whether to enter the house or not.

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