Green Tea benefits: Best time to drink green tea, before or after meals?

Green Tea: Green tea is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, both of which are highly beneficial to your health. It is one of the few teas that are not heavily processed, which allows it to preserve its original nutrients and texture while still offering drinkers a wide range of benefits. Evidence suggests green tea’s ability to reduce inflammation makes it beneficial for preventing stress, skin problems, arthritis, and cavities in the teeth.

Some reports suggest that drinking green tea or any other herbal tea is a good practice. The best time to drink green tea or any herbal tea after meals may be a good practice.

Drinking green tea after meals is not recommended since it can prevent the digestive system from properly absorbing vital nutrients. Green tea certainly speeds up the production and acceleration of a number of digestive enzymes, including gastric juice, saliva, and bile, to help with digestion. 

However, the nutrients won’t be adequately absorbed if you drink it right after eating because the polyphenols and caffeine will interfere with digestion. Additionally, it will dilute the digestive juices, causing indigestion.

Green tea can be consumed 30 to 45 minutes after a meal if you choose to do so. However, two hours before or after meals is the best time to drink green tea in order to enjoy its benefits.


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Benefits of drinking green tea

– Better nutrient absorption is also aided by drinking green tea or herbal tea.

– It is well known to relieve Irregular Bowel Syndrome symptoms and intestinal gas.

– Aids with weight loss.

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