Reasons why google indexing causes problems

More or less, all of us have problems with website page/post indexing. However, Google has some specific reasons for not indexing. I will briefly tell you the reasons.

Page speed

Suppose the website/page speed is slow. At present, the issue of website speed has become a significant ranking factor. If your website page loading speed is slow, indexing causes problems. How to do a speed test check this link:

Blocking with robots

If the robot is blocked with a file or blocked with a no-index tag or if the discourse search engine is ticked from your WordPress dashboard, then indexing is a problem. How to check; Or

Internal duplicate content

Suppose your site has internal duplicate content. That is, if the content of your site matches one another, Google will treat it as an internal duplicate, and as a result, Google will refrain from indexing your site. You can check with that tool;

External duplicate content

If your published content matches another site, your site’s duplicate content will be penalized, and you will have indexing problems. You can check with that tool; Copyscape or Grammarly premium.

If you can’t add value

If your entire website or specific page can’t add any value for Google searchers, you will have indexing and ranking problems. Especially if the quality of your content is not good, then there is a problem in indexing.

Orphan Page

Suppose you have an Orphan page on your website. Suppose; Your website visitor came, but he could not go to any other page to get more information due to a lack of interlink with the relevant page. In that case, there will be problems in indexing your website. How to check;

If your website is new

New websites do not index in google magically. Google indexes a new website with different signals (social signals) and links (basic links). So in the case of new websites, Google takes time to index.

If there is a server issue

If your website has a server issue, then Google indexing causes problems. Reasons why server issues are created.

  • Slow page loading: If your website is longer than 3 seconds, indexing can be a problem.
  • Virus attacks and cyber hacking cause problems in indexing.
  • If website traffic is overloaded.
  • If the server crashes.

In addition to the above reasons, changing your website’s design repeatedly, the URL of the website changes when the indexing problem occurs.