Friday Faves

Hello, my friends, and welcome to Friday!

Last Sunday I had to come up with dinner on the fly. I made a late-evening Target run and ended up with a package of frozen meatballs that I added to my homemade marinara with bucatini. It’s so fast to make. While the meatballs were okay, the marinara was divine. I just wished I’d had time to make my homemade meatballs too because they are real rock stars.

On the way to the store, I heard a really interesting NPR episode about making memories every day to make you happier. As will happen, I didn’t catch what the program was called and cannot for the life of me find it! But the theme has been rattling around in my brain since. Most often, I end up doing the same thing the same way just about every day. And that’s where I get stuck in Groundhog Day and the weeks then years seem to just fly by. The NPR story shared how the reporter’s specific intentions were to change her everyday habits to jigger the norm. She took a solo road trip, something she’d never done before. She dug for clams and ate them for the first time. She snacked on Cape Cod potato chips in the lighthouse on the package, then another day tried to catch a full moon rise at the same time as the sun set. The idea of looking for out-of-the-norm opportunities that are right around me and taking advantage of experiencing them is so attractive. So needed. I found an article on making good memories to make you a happier person that leans into the same idea: We best remember our first experiences, not the things we do over and over that become part of our fabric. This article on 10 ways to create happier memories now for a richer life gives some good practical ideas to make it happen. We’re almost at the finish line of another year. It’s time to make sure our memories count!

But first, let’s dig into this week’s Friday Faves.

The world’s 17 most beautiful fountains.

How Central Park was created.

The era of the adventure elopement.

A fun read on UFOs.

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week! My epic guide has all of the best tips and tricks you could possibly need and lots of fantastic recipes to boot.

Are you bringing Thanksgiving on the road? Here are 10 helpful packaging and transporting tips.

This whipped brie is just screaming for a holiday party.

Craving this roasted apple fall salad.

Torn between marshmallow topping or streusel topping for your sweet potato casserole. This is the perfect solution.

And, you can never go wrong with my sweet potato casserole with savory crumble.

3 simple tips from The Great British Bake Off for perfect pies.

How delish do these sour cream and onion potatoes look?

This cauliflower and white bean soup brings the creaminess.

What an easy cheesy T-day appetizer.

Or, this barley with mushroom soup would def make the belly full.

These turkey enchiladas are on target for busy weeknights.

And just like that, I’m craving fritters.

Apple sauce is made so easily in the Instant Pot.

This charred lemon risotto is cozy in a bowl.

I’m still on a focaccia baking kick and this one looks prime for making.

Also, this creamy pumpkin orzo looks amazing.

Speaking of pumpkin, I’ve got my eye on these pumpkin caramel cookies.

These post-Thanksgiving sliders are my kinda leftovers.

I’ve got 3 words for you: Butter. Pecan. Cake!

Apple pie filling cinnamon rolls? Oh mama, knock me out!

This apple tart would be a gorgeous showstopper for Thanksgiving.

Buuut, if you want something simpler, my apple crisp is ALWAYS a winner. 😉

5 ways to cut down on household waste.

How to put lights on your Christmas tree for maximum sparkle.

These lit modern Christmas trees are on such a good sale I bought more than I should for to put up at our little A-frame in the woods! Love the minimalist design!

Annnnd, I kept the theme going and got this one too.

Um, excuse me, how cute are these postage stamps? Or, go for these cool woodland creatures.

What a DREAMY home.

Found: the perfect, soft sweater in so many pretty colors.

Cozy memory foam slippers that won’t break the bank.

I found a mesmerizing sand art frame similar to this one at a thrift store a few years ago. It’s such a tranquil gift for anyone who needs a bit of zen.

I bought this perfume as a traveler to keep in my purse and now my daughter has put a bigger bottle on her Xmas list. Could this possibly mean I’m on trend??

Everyone loves a Stanley tumbler but I’m digging this smaller version myself. And it’s a two-fer!

The best gifts for parents and in-laws.

I smelled this intoxicating candle in a bar recently and had to know what scent it was. Happily Googled it and added it to my cart (AND, it’s only $15!).

35 gratitude affirmations to help you get through the holidays. We are thankful!

Get a new tax strategy with these money-saving tips taken by December 31 to pad your pockets.

That’s it for this week! Have a grand weekend and start defrosting your bird Sunday!

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