Friday Faves

Hello and happy Friday.

Sometimes the simplest dinners are the absolute best. But just because it’s simple, that doesn’t mean it can’t be balanced, too. This week, just like so many of you, getting a simple dinner on the table was part of my week. My home-cooked dinner centered around my favorite stove-top mac and cheese that I topped with some crunchy panko bread crumbs then served alongside smoked chicken sausage and roasted broccoli spears (drizzled with olive oil and salt and pepper then roasted at 425°F for 10 minutes in the toaster oven) with a squeeze of lemon. I’m not going to lie…this easy meal was one of my favorite dinners of the week. Just another example that cooking at home doesn’t have to be complicated to be good. It can even be great!

Looking forward, it looks like I’ll be hosting Thanksgiving dinner again this year. That means I’ll be working with my Thanksgiving Prep Guide to keep me sane and in line to do Thanksgiving right! It’s easy, right??! With a little planning, YES IT CAN BE!

But first, let’s dig into this week’s list of Friday Faves. Enjoy!

How the goldfish became everyone’s first pet.

Who else cannot WAIT to see Regina George get hers in the new Mean Girls movie musical revamp??! ME!!!! I mean, how much move can you love Tina Fey?

Insider dish! Servers, bartenders, and owners explain what happens when T-Swift visits their NYC restaurants. Taking notes for my next visit!

The best thing to text a friend.

How to cultivate hope.

An interesting article about cancer vaccines.

Enjoyed reading this creepy story.

9 of the best fall cookbooks.

If you’ve ever thought about baking sourdough, this sourdough bread recipe is the one to start with. Oh mama.

Stanley Tucci’s favorite chicken soup. So cozy.

BUT, I have to say, my homemade chicken noodle soup is pretty much perfect every time.

A list of helpful ingredient substitutions.

A so-good holiday cocktail.

It’s the season for Brussels sprouts salads. This one’s next on my list.

This vegetarian chili looks BANGIN.

Garlic butter collard greens need to be on your T-day table.

And these cheesy herby biscuits would be a stellar side.

Pigs in a blanket, Chicago-style. Heck. yes!

Need this sizzling soup.

This coffee cake is a holiday dream come true.

WTF is possum pie? I don’t know but it looks delish.

Gingerbread white Russian. Okay, twist my arm.

Shrimp. Parmesan. Broccoli. I am in!

Crispy rice and loads of aromatics are what defines this Mushroom Fried Rice.

Break out the air fryer for these air fryer squash rings.

I always love a galette, and this one screams fall.

This creamy cauliflower recipe deserves a mention on the Thanksgiving recipe list.

You need this mixer if you’re doing any holiday baking.

The best list of the year is here: Oprah’s favorite things!

And, this is a fun holiday gift guide.

7 holiday planning tasks to do now (so you can truly enjoy the holiday season).

Food advent calendars that are actually worth buying.

This would make an excellent stocking stuffer.

If you’re a home cook, you NEED this Ina Garten ornament. It’s so good.

Holiday leggings that hug in all the right places.

Cute boots that will withstand the winter weather in style.

$15 hand warmers (a must during the winter months).

And, I just added this fleece jacket to my shopping cart.

Such a good, basic, holiday wreath.

Just a reminder that the MOMA Design store has the coolest, most unique gifts.

What is “cozy cardio?

And, this form of cardio also exercises your brain. V cool.

8 ways to slow biological aging.

And that’s a wrap for this week. Have a wonderful weekend!

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