Diabetic and had COVID-19? Heart failure may be a concern, tips to keep your heart healthy

Diabetes: More than 600 million individuals worldwide have been affected by COVID-19, but due to vaccines, the virus is no longer as alarming as it was two years ago. But for diabetic patients who have also suffered COVID-19, the side effects of these conditions can be a severe problem. Long-term health problems from the these illnesses could increase your chance of heart disease, among other concerns.

Talking to ANI, Dr Dinender Singla said, “We believe that COVID-19 can alter a person’s genetic makeup which can enhance the proliferation of disease and cause further deterioration in diabetes and associated heart disease,” Dr Singla is the Advent Health Chair of Cardiovascular Science at the College of Medicine in Florida.

In comparison to diabetic individuals who never had COVID, Dr. Singla theorises that some COVID-19-infected patients may have developed a distinct cellular composition in their blood.

Tips to keep your heart healthy

-Quit smoking.

– Visit your doctor regularly.

– Healthy diet.

– Alcohol in moderation.

– Physical activity for 30 minutes minimum.

-Active lifestyle.

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