Dealing with sleeping disorder? Here are 5 ways to BEAT insomnia

New Delhi: Is it difficult for you too to sleep at night even after working for hours and being tired? Well, this could be because of insomnia. Insomnia is condition in which cannot fall asleep and/or stay asleep for long. Simply put, it is a sleeping disorder. Here are some effective tips for you to fight insomnia.

Dark lighting

It’s easier to sleep when it is dark as bright light can make it difficult for you to sleep. Use sleep masks, blinders to avoid any kind of light which can keep you up all night. Do not use your mobile and other gadgets before sleeping.


Meditation is a magic if you wish to deal with this sleeping disorders. It helps you in stress, anxiety, overthinking, and depression which are the primary cause of depression. Meditating before bed can relax your mind and thus, helping you to enjoy tight sleep.

Exercise daily

30 minutes of exercise daily can improve the situation for those having insomnia. Do any fitness workout regularly but avoid exercising before bed a sit has a stimulant effect.

Sleep environment

Ensure that you are sleeping in a noise-free environment. Avoid sleeping with pets and beside someone who snores. Also, get yourself a comfortable mattress which doesn’t harm your body.

Eat on time

Try having your meal at least three hours before bedtime. It eliminates the digestive issues that could be the reason behind you waking up at night. Limit your caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol intake.

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