What are computer viruses and How to prevent them?

Computer viruses are like flu viruses in the real world. Computer viruses are designed to clone themselves and copy them from one computer to another. Computer viruses spread to other computers through a file or document.

Simply, a computer virus is a software or program that is created or written to harm a computer. It attaches itself to files and documents on the infected computer, which can easily spread to other computers. Main function of most computer viruses is to corrupt computer files and, in some cases, to delete them completely.

How do computer viruses attack?

Computer virus programmers attach the virus they created to a file or software that makes that file or software open to everyone. The virus spreads to different computers through that file or software. The computer virus enters the computer but cannot start its work. It has to wait until the user runs the affected software or file. As soon as the affected file runs, the virus starts working on its own. When the virus is executed on a computer, it attaches itself to various files on that computer, so that it spreads through those files as well. Some viruses can even spread to other computers on the affected computer’s network.

Computer viruses basically corrupt computer files, delete files, steal passwords saved in browsers, steal data, track keyboards, spamming email contacts, and so on. Some viruses can even cause permanent damage to the hard disk!

How did the computer virus spread?

In the modern computing world, there are many ways for a computer virus to spread, such as email, message attachments, internet file downloads, social media scam links, etc. Moreover, the virus also spreads to mobile phones through third-party applications on smartphones. Currently, the most popular medium for spreading the virus is social media. After spreading the virus in the guise of funny images, greeting cards, audio, video, etc. things.

How to protect yourself from computer viruses?

First of all, I said a computer virus is like a real-world virus. It can sometimes take horrible forms. A little computer virus can kill your most important documents in an instant. So you have to be very careful to be protected from computer viruses.

You must use anti-virus program on your computer. There are many good anti-virus programs available for free. Use either one. Do not open email attachments, message attachments, links sent by anyone other than a known person. Don’t download and install nonsense software from the internet. In this case, you can install the software from the App Store. All operating systems have the App Store, and all the software there is virus-free.

Computer viruses are just one type of malware. Antivirus can never completely protect a computer. User awareness is most needed for this.