Black Panther: 5 Questions from Wakanda Forever

After an eternity, finally, Black Panther:Wakanda Forever is out. An emotionally raw and triumphant piece as described by many, the movie leaves you with a few big questions.

1. Who will be the Next Black Panther?

In Wakanda Forever, Shuri is the panther. She wears the vibranium-laced super suit and takes the synthetic heart-shaped herb, which gives her superpowers. This is mainly done to kill Namor (which eventually doesn’t happen).

Although she is a prime candidate, the post-credits scene indicates that Wakanda will have a new movie.

2. Will we have another Black Panther?

After Wakanda Forever, you have to wonder if we will have another movie. The ending gives us a sneak idea. We see a card reading “Black Panther will return” after the second batch of credits has rolled. This, however, does not mean that we will have the full movie.

3. Will we see Namor in the MCU again?

Based on where Black Panther 2 leaves Namor, it is evident that we will get a glimpse of him somewhere in the future. There are a few scenarios where Talokan can be incorporated into the MCU. They may even play a supporting role in the next movie.

4. Do we have other MCU Nations with Vibranium?

We learn that there is a vast reserve of vibranium underwater when Namor teaches Shuri about the origin of Talokan.

Therefore, it means that another vibranium-infused meteorite crash-landed in Latin America alongside the one that arrived in the technologically advanced Wakanda.

5. Who are the Midnight Angels and will we see them again?

Black Panther comics indicate that Midnight angels are a subdivision of the Dora Milaje. They are a strike team, which includes some of the best warriors. They take care of missions for the Wakanda nation. Many MCU fans think that we will get a Midnight angels spinoff in the future.

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