Android 11: What are the new features coming with Next Release?

Android 10 is the latest version of the Google smartphone operating system. Although some smartphones have not yet received this updated Android properly, Google is not sitting still. Android development is underway, and they have already come up with Android 11 Preview Build for developers and users to test.

What new features are coming with Android 11? There is no end to the curiosity among Android lovers about this. Today’s detailed discussion is about Android 11.


Google’s mobile platform is now going on a diet, so it’s time to SAY GOODBYE TO pie and lollipops.

Since 2009, Google has named it’s each major updates of its Android operating system with an American dessert-themed name.

Last year, Google came up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčnaming the Android version based on sweets. The name of this release isn’t matching the initials of food or matching any letter of the English alphabet. Android 11 will be the name of the latest version of Android, which will be released in the 3rd quarter of this year.

Chat bubbles for Messaging

Though there has been speculation about the chat bubble since Android 10, it was not given in the end.

However, Google has given this feature in the new Android Developer Preview, keeping in mind the expectations of its users. The new feature will allow users to communicate with any messaging application from now on quickly.

Bubbles for messaging; Android 11
Image Source: goodgearguide

It’s a lot like our usual Facebook messaging. In the case of Messenger, just as we can easily communicate faster using the chat-head, just like in this case, any messaging app can quickly reply to any message by using the chat bubble next to the home screen.

Notification Shade Conversation

The upcoming Android has a special feature called ‘Conversations in Notification Shade.’ 

There is a quick response to a message from the chat bubble. Still, users can easily view the entire conversation history from messages or chats from the notification panel without having to enter a specific app.

Google is said to be launching the ‘Chat Bubble’ and ‘Conversations in Notification Shade’ features to give users maximum benefit in conversations.

Pinning apps to share menu

Although there is a sharing option on Android long ago, it’s never the same as iOS, but it’s not self-contained. 

Over time, the recent 10th edition has somewhat resolved this issue. But hopefully, in the next Android version, Google is making arrangements to pin several apps together.

Pinning apps to share menu; Android 11
Image Source: theandroidsoul

This feature was offered in Android 10 Developer Preview but was not found in the final version. Now Google is saying that in the forthcoming release, there will be a system to pin four apps at the same time in the sharing menu.

Media controls moved into Quick settings

For a long time, Android has media playback control in the notification shade. Conversations in the notification tray are now a priority. Google is now rapidly choosing media controls in terms of settings.

When the audio is played, the new UI will ensure that the media controls are quickly moved to the settings page. Swiping from top to bottom at once will reveal your quick settings tiles as well as new media control widgets. Once fully open in Quick Settings, this media control option can be quickly pushed to the bottom of the Settings page. When the media is not playing, this option quickly fades away from the Quick settings; this option is expected to work with Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, and more.

Media controls moved into Quick settings; Android 11
Image Source: theandroidsoul

Exchanging images from the notification panel

Easy messaging on Android 11, as well as users, can exchange pictures directly with anyone from the notification panel if they want. ‘Notification image sharing’ is expected to be phased out from copy-paste supported apps. 

But for now, this feature is introduced only for Google Chrome and G-Board in the new developer preview.

These new features of Google Android outside the apps will make the daily use of smartphones more comfortable and more visual for the users.

One-time App permission

Google places the highest importance on security and privacy in every Android; The coming version is no exception. Android 10 introduced a major change in-app permissions, keeping in mind the maximum security of the user’s personal information. This security is being taken one step further in the 11th version of Android.

One-time App permission; Android 11
Image Source: theandroidsoul

In the case of Android 10, the user’s location is shared when using a specific app. But in the coming version, Android 11 has a system of location sharing only in case of using any app at a single time. That is, the location sharing settings are kept only once the user uses an app once. For the next time, in this case, the app will not get location permission a second time without the user’s consent.

Screen Recording!

For so long on the Android operating system, the user had to use a third-party recording app to record a screen on his smartphone. In this case, although there are a few specific applications from some popular vendors, there was no such app on Google’s stock Android. However, the good news for stock Android users is that in the upcoming Android version, users will be able to record the screen of their smartphone with the pre-loaded app if they want. (Although Google has not yet made a final decision about this).

Android 11; Finally! a native screen recorder
Screen Recording! For the first time; Android 11
Image Source: theandroidsoul

Motion Sense Gesture

There are reports that the new Android version has some special motion sense gestures. For example, Motion Sense music play-pause is currently available in the Pixel smartphone lineup at Developer Preview.

This feature can be handy for those who especially like to listen to music. When listening to music on a smartphone, playing music or pausing with hand gestures is a Modern Android feature!

Besides, this preview build has the facility to launch several apps and features, including Google Assistant, Camera, Alarm Snooze, by double-tapping on the back of the Google Pixel smartphone.

Scheduled Dark mode

Dark mode has been widely used in smartphones since Android 10. While several smartphone vendors have the option to turn on Routine Dark Mode in their ROMs, stock Android did not have the option to turn on Routine Dark Mode. However, in the next Android version, users can enjoy this feature if they want.

Scheduled Dark mode; Android 11
Image Source: theandroidsoul

Colorful quick setting tiles

Android 11 Developer Preview Bind features colorful quick setting tiles; This allows users to color the Quick Setting option to their advantage and preference from four specific colors (Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green).

Colorful quick setting tiles; Android 11
Image Source: theandroidsoul

Airplane mode no longer disconnects Bluetooth devices

In addition to the above features, there are changes in the Bluetooth feature in the new Android.

Airplane mode no longer disconnects Bluetooth devices; Android 11
Image Source: theandroidsoul

The change comes as the Android smartphone ecosystem relies on wireless platforms day in and day out instead of headphone jacks. Android usually turns off Bluetooth when Airplane mode turned on. In this case, the new build has changed the subject to ensure uninterrupted wireless connectivity to keep it running at all times.

Release date

The new Android 11 is now being tested for improvement. However, Google has released a timeline for its release. According to Google, the latest version of Android is coming in August this year.

Developer Building Support

The current developer of Android 11 builds does not support all Pixel smartphones. 

Currently, only the following smartphone users can test Google Android 11 Developer Build.

  •  Pixel 2/2 XL
  •  Pixel 3/3 XL
  •  Pixel 4/4 XL
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