6 reasons why sugar-free sweets have become popular

New Delhi: The festive season is almost over but people are still not over the festive mood. As you all know, in India, no festival and celebration would be complete without sweets. Even those who are on diet and those who are diabetic, indulge themselves in relishing traditional Indian desserts and sweets. However, eating too many sweets comes with a lot of disadvantages and one of them is harm to your health.

Health concerns

People are making sure that they are eating sweets without sugar which includes ladoo, khajoor rolls, anjeer barfi, and many other sugar-free treats. What makes these sweets better is that they are prepared using healthier alternatives like honey rather than refined sugar. There are numerous advantages to cutting up sugar from your diet.

Sharp increase in diabetes case

As per the various reports, 10% of the population is dealing with diabetes globally. It is because of the high sugar consumption. As you all know, uncontrolled blood sugar can lead to heart attacks, renal failure, and fatty liver. Thus, people have become more aware about the repercussions of sugar consumption.

Fashion sector

Sugar-free sweets have become popular, and credit also goes to the fashion sector. Sugar consumption increases your weight and also enlarges size of your waist. A person with a bulging stomach is considered sluggish and unorganized. ‘

Everyone wants to look well and thus, they tend to avoid sweets made of sugar.

Calorie Consumption

Your calorie consumption decides any change in the weight of your body. It will decrease if you eliminate sugar from your diet which further helps in weight loss. Any food with sugar in it is harder to digest because of which you will feel full. Your energy levels will deteriorate and thus, people opt for sugar free sweets.

Sugar-Free Treats

It is easy to produce a healthier version of any sweet dish by simply replacing sugar with the honey. You can add clarified butter and low-fat milk to pprepare sugar-free treats. Sugar-free treats have become favourite among health and fitness coaches and this is why, the demand is increasing.

High blood pressure

Consuming too much sugar can lead to developing high blood pressure which further can harm your circulation system and impact your heart in a negative manner. High blood pressure can also result in heart attacks, strokes, and arterial disease.

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